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Mission of NERRC

To have a group of Rhodesian Ridgeback owners and enthusiasts associated together for the improvement of the Rhodesian Ridgeback in the New England area
and for the spirit of cooperation and good sportsmanship that prevails amongst us.
To conduct functions, including but not limited to matches and educational seminars as well as conformation, obedience, tracking,
and lure coursing events for the Rhodesian Ridgebacks of the New England area.

Upcoming NERRC Events

MARCH 12, 2017 -

NERRC Board of Directors meeting held in conjunction with the Spring Fun Event at Sirius Fun in Plymouth, MA.

BOD meeting at 11:00 am, Fun tricks class and competition will be held from 1 - 4 pm. Save the date!!


September 17, 2016 - NERRC Regional Specialty Show -  


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Welcome New NERRC Members !

Heidi Dommers‐Palladino
Jack &Trish Hamilton
Robin & Kent MacFarlane
Don & Chris Melchior
Joyce Myers
Nikki Newton
Lisa Pierce


A Rhodesian What???
If you are not familiar with Ridgebacks, please view The Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the United States, RRCUS Homepage where you will find the Thumbnail Sketch of The Ridgeback, and the History of the Breed. This is the National breed club and it is loaded with information about Ridgebacks.


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